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Action vs. Delay and Indecision

Fellow Friends and Supporters:


I was extremely happy to hear that Governor DeSantis today issued a statewide stay at home order. As many of you know I have been advocating for our County to do this for over a week.


This was not the time for delay and indecision. This was the time for our Board of County Commissioners (BoCC) to take the bold steps, even if they were hard, to take all actions necessary to protect the health and safety of every resident of Lee County.


Reliance on the advice and expertise of medical professionals during this life-threatening pandemic should always be the go-to position for elected officials whose most basic responsibility is to protect lives. At the March 24 and March 30 meeting, our BoCC did not heed the advice of the county’s leading medical professionals to protect the residents of Lee County. Instead, they were indecisive, ambiguous, and, frankly, disinterested in the testimony of Lee County’s leading health expert and the local elected officials that offered their opinions.


It is unfortunate that the residents of Lee County had to lose over a week to get the extra protection that this stay at home order will afford them. I truly hope the price we pay for our county’s inaction is not too great. 


I again thank Governor DeSantis for finally taking this important step to protect our citizens and I hope all of the Lee County citizens and businesses will do everything possible to help in this effort.


I am sure that all of us working together we will get through this.  



This is not the time for delay and indecision

Fellow Friends and Supporters:


This is a difficult time for people in Lee county and all around the world. As a citizen of this county, elected official and a candidate for the BOCC, my #1 priority is the well-being of our citizens and our community.


I know we will all get through this together, but we must do what is necessary to ensure the safety of all of our residents. With this being said, I do not feel that our County Commission is taking all the steps necessary to ensure the safety of our community. Below is an article that I wrote that appeared in the News-Press on Monday, March 30th.


I was disappointed as I watched the Lee County Commission at its emergency meeting Tuesday.

Listening to a report from Lee Health on the status of the coronavirus and how it might be affecting hospitals in Lee County.


I was truly amazed that not one question was asked by our commissioners to Dr. Larry Antonucci (President and CEO of Lee Health)

as to what additional steps he would suggest be taken to help reduce the negative impact of coronavirus on Lee County residents.


This is not the time for delay and indecision. This is the time for our county commissioners to take the bold steps, even if they are hard,

to make sure every possible action is undertaken to protect the health and safety of every Lee County resident.


It is unfortunate that they are allowing another five days go by before even considering whether further steps should be taken to protect the lives of county residents. I hope the price we pay for their inaction is not too great.


I urge our County Commission to decide Monday to pass a “sheltering in place” order and any other measures suggested by our medical experts to ensure the protection of Lee residents.


The emergency meeting came and went with no new action on the part of the Commission. I believe in a Commission that is strong enough to make the hard decisions to protect residents, which is why I am running for District 3.


I feel strongly about this issue and the safety of our residents, and I want everyone to share this message as it is imperative for people to know what is going on in their county. I wish everyone the best and hope you continue to stay safe.

Meet Nick

As a Conservative, I am running for the Lee County Board of County Commissioners (BoCC) District 3 because I feel that our County Commissioners over the last five years have been taking our county in the wrong direction. After many years of having our county government protect and expand the quality of life issues that made our home truly a paradise, I now see that our current BoCC is taking us in a different direction and that we no longer have a government for the people but a government more reactive to special interest groups. - read more - 

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